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1. Will I receive a TÜV certificate for a used Eisenmann Exhaust Systems rear silencer?

No. For legal reasons, we do not issue certificates for used silencers. This is for the reason that all our silencers are available in two volume types (SPORT = for street legal cars and RACE = only for racing, non-street-legal) and we cannot know which type you have right now on your vehicle. Of course, we have nothing against entering the "SPORT" version in the registration papers, however, only an accredited inspection body (TÜV/DEKRA) can require a “subsequent” certification (per FAX: 07150/9574-120). Because a TÜV – parts certification requires in accordance with §19 par. 3 that an inspection be carried out by an inspection body, there is no disadvantage in this procedure.

2. Can I order directly from S&R Eisenmann GmbH?

Yes, you can place orders directly with us. We deliver world-wide.

3. How can I order?

Your order can be placed in our online shop or in written form by fax, email or post. For your security, please send your vehicle registration with the order, so you will be guaranteed to get a custom-fit silencer for your vehicle.

4. How long does it take until I receive a Sports Silencer?

Because we manufacture your silencer individually according to your specifications and wishes, there are no stock goods. You can find the manufacturing times directly on the respective product overview page. After this time, you receive a one-of-a-kind product!

5. Where can I get more information about a specific product?

You can find information about S&R Eisenmann GmbH products in our online-shop. By clicking on “brand”, “model”, “type” and “motorization” you can get to all Eisenmann products available for your vehicle. With a click on “details”, you will find further information about the product of your choice. Of course we would also gladly offer you a personal consultation.

6. Are all your exhaust systems street legal (with TÜV)?

Most Eisenmann Exhaust Systems brand sports silencers for petrol motors are available in two different volume models. The SPORT version with road approval meets the legally prescribed noise limit values, yet it has a significantly better sound than the standard exhaust. Our RACE version is only intended for racing and due to the volume it is not approved for street traffic. Of course both products are available for the same price. If you choose our RACE version, please mark this clearly in your order.

7. Can Eisenmann Exhaust Systems sports silencers in the RACE version be entered individually in car registration papers?

No. It is not possible to enter a for Racing / Export only version with the identification RACE in the vehicle documents because these exhaust systems are not approved in the area of ​​the StVZO.

8. How many “volume levels” do Eisenmann Exhaust Systems sports silencers have?

Eisenmann Exhaust Systems manufactures rear silencers in two volume versions: SPORT version with EC approval and RACE version, which is not approved for the road and is only suitable for the race track in the exporting countries.

9. What do I do if there is no S&R Eisenmann GmbH sports silencer available for my car?

Generally, it is possible to individually manufacture a sports silencer for you. The price for such a product is based on the cost and the number of items ordered. We would gladly make you a personalized offer for your vehicle. Request >

10. How do I get the product?

Shipment is carried out by GLS or by a depending on the package size, by a consignment agent. These companies offer fast and reliable service. This way, all products will reach you in only a few workdays.

11. Can I also pick the product up personally?

Generally you can pick up any product from us in Hemmingen near Stuttgart. Simply contact us by phone or email and we’ll arrange a convenient pickup time.

12. Can I get my Eisenmann Exhaust Systems sports silencer installed?

If you order your sports silencer directly from us, we will install this product on your vehicle. Simply contact us by phone or email and we’ll arrange a convenient assembly date.

13. How can I pay for my product?

You can either pay by PayPal, direct debit, or cash on delivery / invoice. We will gladly communicate the corresponding information with the order confirmation.

14. Can I cancel my order?

The legally required admonitions for the right of cancellation of distance orders for consumers can be found in our general terms and conditions.

15. How long do I have a “guarantee” on my S&R Eisenmann GmbH product?

The legally required two year sellers warranty obligation applies to all S&R Eisenmann GmbH products.

16. My ordered product is damaged. What do I do now?

Please contact us by email or call us on the telephone. We will then promptly deal with your issue. 
Report a problem >

17. Is shipment insured against transport damages?

Yes, the shipment is insured. It is very important to inspect the delivery after delivery for any possible damages that might have occurred during transport. Please have the damages confirmed by the driver in written form and send us this confirmation as quickly as possible. We will then deal with your issue as soon as possible.

Status as of Feburary 2022
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