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Tailor-made exhaust system


Hemmingen, July 28, 2023 - The BMW G42 M240i with its 375 hp is more than just a car - it embodies passion and driving pleasure. Eisenmann Exhaust Systems has developed a rear silencer that gives the vehicle a unique sound signature and visual fascination.

Eisenmann's rear silencer refines the distinctive sound of the BMW G42 M240i's six-cylinder engine. The system complies with the latest standards and is available for both models with and without an Otto particle filter (OPF). It is precisely installed without affecting the design of the vehicle. The existing flap control is retained, allowing drivers to control the tone of their adventure.

Eisenmann's advanced technology not only optimizes sound, but also minimizes unwanted vibrations inside the vehicle. This creates a quiet and comfortable environment for the ultimate driving experience.

The visual expressiveness of the rear silencer is equally impressive. Seamlessly integrated into the rear end, it accentuates the athletic aesthetics of the BMW G42 M240i and adds a personal touch to the vehicle.

Eisenmann offers tailpipe designs, with a diameter of 100 mm made of high-quality chrome for market entry and later also the variant in matte black.

The tailor-made rear silencer from Eisenmann Exhaust Systems also has ECE approval and is therefore registration-free.

You can download the media package here


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