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When the Essen Motor Show opens its doors for ten days on November 29, 2019, Eisenmann Exhaust Systems will not only set special design accents. The medium-sized company, which has been based at Hemmingen not far from Stuttgart since 1988, presents a range of interesting product news about the BMW 330i of the current G20 series in the exhibition hall of the VDAT eV (Association of German Automobile Tuners). Various interchangeable tailpipe variants are available. Performance-enhancing features in line with all applicable legal regulations are the focus.

"In the VDAT hall, where we once again very much like to be exhibitors, we must not point out our portfolio by audition," says Sarah Eisenmann. "So we set appropriate accents and at the same time provide our stand visitors with authentic sound files at the Essen trade fair via our social media presence. In this way, we can make our product statements to 360 degrees experience. "In the case of the BMW 330i the current G20 series, the acoustic changes compared to the series more than worth listening, because: Within all applicable legislation, the noise could be raised by seven decibels and the exhaust Level pressure can be simultaneously reduced by one third. Both new products are correlated with innovations such as the electrically controllable exhaust flap or the consistently increased pipe diameter of 85 millimeters. "For the first time in the passenger car sector, tube diameters in this large diameter are on our bending machines which are finally crowned in a variety of tailpipe versions, each with a 90-millimeter outside diameter, " reports Sarah Eisenmann. In addition to a two-pipe version, a four-pipe version for the BMW 330i of the current G20 series will also be part of the portfolio. Since the tailpipes are basically interchangeable, you can switch between the individual designs depending on your taste or mood. The technical characteristics of the complete solution, which is admissible in every respect for the road remain the same regardless of the choice of the tailpipe variants.

In addition, starting in the first week of January 2020, the upcoming BMW 340i will supplement the Eisenmann fund to develop the necessary data for future exhaust systems. The exhibition vehicle at the Essen trade fair will offer an outlook on this and at the same time demonstrate the latest development status on the BMW 330i. "Performance-oriented and optimized exhaust gas systems are our core competence, at least in the automotive sector," notes Sarah Eisenmann. "The name Eisenmann stands since the beginning in 1988 for one Consistent technology transfer from elite sports to the sporty-ambitious and at the same time compliant road. This transfer performance communicates our new exhibition vehicle particularly effective - not least thanks to generously used, contemporary carbon components. "

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